Bee Propolis

Bee Propolis is a sticky substance made up of resin collected from various trees and leaves and pollen, wax, and nectar. It is collected by honeybees to caulk and seal holes in the hive.

Propolis is also used at the entrance of the hive where it forms an elaborate winding tunnel. Bees have to crawl through this tight tunnel to enter and leave the hive. By doing this, the bees are cleansed of microbes as they enter the hive so that it remains sterile. In fact,scientists say the beehive is the most sterile environment found in Nature.

Propolis has been used as a natural antibiotic to help boost the immune system and also as an antiseptic, antibacterial and detoxifier for over 2000 years. Hippocrates (460-377 BC) known as the father of modern medicine, prescribed propolis for a number of ailments.

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