Cabbage Rejuvelac
Quick and Easy Recipe

Make Your Own Homemade Probiotic Drink

Cabbage Rejuvelac is an exceptional  source of many vitamins such as the B vitamins including  B12, vitamins C,  E and K,  as well as enzymes that help the body digest and absorb the nutrients we consume in our foods.

Rejuvelac helps boost our immune system by increasing the number of antibodies that fight infection and disease and may help in the prevention of food poisoning.

The probiotics in cabbage rejuvelac, by helping restore the good bacteria in our guts, can also help in the recovery from a number of health conditions including asthma, allergies, yeast infections, constipation and irritable bowls syndrome. 

Cabbage rejuvelac is very easy to make and quite inexpensive.

What you’ll need:

  • Distilled or purified water (water should not contain chlorine-it will interfere with the fermenting process)
  • Green Cabbage.  Purchase Organic, if available
  •  2 Jars with lids such as Ball canning jars
  • A good blender (I use the Vitamix blender) It's a great well known company that has been around for years.  The Vitamix blender is very powerful and versatile and has a long warranty.  I've owned mine for 19 years!


In the morning put 3 cups coarsely chopped & loosely packed cabbage into a blender.

Add 1 ¾ cups distilled or purified water

Start blender on low speed and then turn up to high speed  for 10 seconds

Pour mixture into jar (a quart jar is a good size to use) and tightly cap.Make sure there is at least an inch of space above the liquid to allow for expansion. 

Let stand at room temperature for 3 days.

At the end of the 3 days (72 hours), strain off the rejuvelac liquid into another jar. Save ¼ cup liquid for your second batch.   

Your first batch will take the 3 days to ferment. By using that ¼ cup strained off liquid from the previous batch, your second  and succeeding batches will only only take 24 hours.

Second batch:

Put 3 cups coursely chopped & loosely packed cabbage into a blender

Add  1 1/2 cups distilled or purified water

Start blender on low speed and then turn up to high speed for 10 seconds

Then pour mixture into jar and add the 1/4 cup strained off from the prior batch.

Shake and save for 24 hours.

Repeat this procedure each morning for subsequent batches

Rejuvelac should taste a bit like a cross between carbonated water and the whey obtained when making yogurt.  If it has a putrid odor, do not consume it. 

The best way to drink rejuvelac is 1/2 cup right before a meal throughout the day.  If you have leftovers, it can stay refrigerated for 24 hours.  After that, it should be discarded.

Some people use the fermented cabbage in soups or as a condiment. I have made a side dish by adding shredded carrots, a bit of lemon juice and a pinch of cayenne pepper. 

Since rejuvelac is so quick and easy to make, why not add it to your daily routine to help promote optimal health?

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