Rebounding / Lymphasizing

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Jumping for Joy & Lymph Cleansing Detox Too!

rebounder/mini trampoline

Rebounding, where you jump on a "rebounder" or "mini trampoline" like the one pictured on the right, is not just a fun exercise, but it is healthy one too.

It is your lymphatic system that aids in removal of toxins. Using a mini trampoline "jump" starts this lymph cleanse process.

It aids in removing substances that cause cancer, infectious viruses, heavy metals, pathogenic bacteria, dead cells and other undesirable pathogens which otherwise would lie dormant in our systems. The end result is a healthier you with a more effective immune system.

Not only does it also help cleanse via the lymphatic system it is beneficial for many other reasons. If you need to lose weight , shape up and tone your muscles, it is an easy way to do so, and is effective for strength training as well. It is an exercise that people who suffer from any kind of joint, back or knee problems can enjoy safely.

It also increases oxygen performance throughout the body leaving you feeling more energized, increases lung capacity, increases bone density which is great for osteoporosis, tightens loose skin and is wonderful for anti-aging as it rejuvenates cells.

And, if you're feeling stressed, "rebounding" stabilizes your nervous system to provide a means of relaxation.

By jumping on a mini trampoline everyday, you'll feel more energetic, will be able to have a better night's sleep, and feel less tense.

Additional Benefits

  • It lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels, thereby helping to improve or prevent cardiovascular disease
  • Helps normalize blood pressure
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • Increases muscle tone which in turn burns more fat
  • Enhances digestion and elimination
  • Improves coordination
  • Minimizes the chance of getting colds and allergies
  • Minimizes digestive problems
  • It results in better mental performance and sharper learning processes
  • Positively impacts production of red blood cells
  • Blood pooling in veins is reduced and chronic edema can be prevented
  • Lessens occurrences of allergies, headaches, and colds
  • Improves endurance and balance
  • Promotes relaxation and sound sleep
  • Can improve mental performance and memory
  • It helps to slow down the aging process

A Natural Healthy Way to Detox in Just Two Minutes!

So what is it about all this jumping that makes it such a valuable part of a detox program? The key is the G-Force factor. When you jump, you are simultaneously increasing and decreasing the gravity within your body which causes a dramatic shift in the lymphatic tissue and cells. As the cells are strengthened with the constant gravitational pull and push they are able to thoroughly flush waste from your body and so you become more resistant to disease.

And it's easy to do!

When you were a child you jumped to see just how high you could get whereas when you are jumping to cleanse you should only jump with a constant rise and fall putting emphasis on the downward motion. It isn’t about how high or hard you jump, rather it is the fluidity and persistence that counts.

Those who have issues with balance or who are just starting out will reap the same benefits using a stabilizer (a bar you attach to the rebounder, as pictured above left) Just jumping 2 minutes will cause your cells to eliminate waste for over an hour afterward, but it is best to try to work up to at least approximately 20 minutes a day.

If you can do it more than once a day your benefits will be increased tenfold. The bottom line is that overall health is a combination of diet, exercise and detox and rebounding is one of the most effective, efficient and beneficial ways to make the most of your time when wanting to achieve optimal health.

The Best Mini-Trampoline

Be aware - all rebounders or mini-trampolines are not alike. If it is not well made it can cause severe injuries.

If the springs are too soft, the user does not receive enough resistance to be effective and if they are too stiff the user may not get enough movement and could possibly suffer injury.

Needak has been around for quite a while that offers excellent quality rebounders.

I usually put on some lively music and just start jumping. You can also purchase DVDs with exercises specially made to do on rebounders.

Whatever your choice, exercising on a mini trampoline can be lots of fun and very beneficial to your health.

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